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Hello! My name is Kim Morrone Pont, and I own and operate Morrone Pont Accounting Services, LLC.

I would like to share some of my background.  I went back to school years ago while maintaining a full time job and raising three children who are very close in age.  I rose through the ranks at my job, and decided to go back to school for my MBA.  It was easier this time because my children were a bit older.  I graduated with an MBA, and I was eventually promoted to CFO at my job.

I started Morrone Pont Accounting because I saw that most small business owners (mom and pop shops) could not afford the hourly rates of the local CPA and/or accounting firms.  If they could afford it, they got lost in the shuffle with the bigger clients of the CPA, and did not receive the attention they needed and deserved.  I saw this need in the market and answered the call.  Helping small businesses succeed is a passion of mine.  


My company offers accurate, efficient, and affordable accounting services. Morrone Pont offers not only accounting services, but also provides financial advice so that the small business owner can make sound financial decisions.

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